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  The Lamb of God Community  bought Shalom House in 1992 and were able to set up a number of programmes to help the poor, unemployed and anyone else who needed help and support in the local area. After doing some research among local residents to find out what was needed, the Community decided to run an ACE scheme and set up a Shalom Créche and caring service for the elderly, called Shalom Care.

    ACE schemes were created during the 1990's to help people on benefits find employment, but they were later phased out by Government. Today, the  Shalom Créche which caters for 2 to 4 year olds from single parent families and families on benefits, is very successful while Shalom Care is a thriving social enterprise employing a large number of staff offering care services for the elderly. Shalom Care is a Charity Registered Status.






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